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Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary – DW – January 24, 2024

Donald Trump Wins New Hampshire Primary – DW – January 24, 2024

In the race for the US Republican presidential nomination Donald Trump A clear victory in the second primary too: The 77-year-old won his party's crucial primary in the state New Hampshire In the northeast America Against his only remaining rival, former U.S. UN Nikki Haley, by. With 90 percent of the votes counted, former President Trump has 54 percent and Haley 43 percent. According to officials, the turnout was very high.

No candidate has ever lost a race for the Republican presidential nomination after winning the first two state primaries. Trump claimed his first victory in the state Iowa achieved

In his post-election speech in New Hampshire, Trump attacked the president Joe Biden From Democrats, he described it as “the worst in the history” of the United States. Republicans called America a nation in decline and failure. Trump hit out at Haley, saying if the primary reaches her home state of South Carolina, “we'll win easily.”

“Trump's Nomination Is a Biden Victory”

Haley finished second in New Hampshire – but his hopes of a close race or even a victory were not fulfilled. The 52-year-old insisted that a run for the Republican presidential nomination is “not far off.” “The worst-kept secret in politics is how badly Democrats want to oppose Donald Trump,” Haley said. “Trump's nomination is a Biden win.”

Candidate Haley: Confidence in his home state of South Carolina, where Trump is also leading in the pollsImage: Andrew Burke-Stevenson/ZUMA/IMAGO

Haley expected a surprise in New Hampshire. He also asserted that voters registered as independents in the state would also be allowed to participate in primaries that favor moderate politicians like himself.

Now he wants to vote in South Carolina at the end of February. A home game. Haley was governor there for six years. So a loss against Trump in a southern state would be very embarrassing for them. But even there, Trump leads by a large margin.

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Haley has clearly struggled ahead in a power struggle within the party in recent months. When he announced his bid, he polled in the low single digits. But at this stage it is highly unlikely that he will overtake the former US President.

Biden: Trump candidacy safe

US President Biden, a Democrat, also said it was now clear that Trump would run for the Republican nomination. “My message to the country is that the stakes cannot be higher. Our democracy. Our individual liberties,” Biden said.

Current Biden: No intraparty competitionImage: AFP

The presidential election will be held on November 5. Democrats held unofficial primaries in New Hampshire on Tuesday, which Biden won, giving him a symbolic boost. In the race for the White House, the president is again focusing on the issue of abortion rights, which Democrats have already won in the 2022 midterm elections.

Still, many Democratic politicians and voters doubt Biden is the right candidate at 81. He is already the oldest president in US history. at 2020 Presidential Election Biden won against Trump, who has had a four-year term marked by chaos and scandals, who has yet to recognize Biden's election victory.

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