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Don't panic: Denis Bourbon –

Don't panic: Denis Bourbon –

Don't Panic: Dennis Bourbon

In her talk show pilot, Kristin Gruber meets performance artist and comedian mother Denise Bourbon and opera singer Johanna Sophia Bader.

Crosses over to “Don't panic.” Christine Gruber Quality journalism with the quirky means of a late-night talk show — not for the sake of clichés, but for breaking through the expected conversational dynamics and getting down to business in an unusual way. This time a guest Dennis Bourbon. The lesbian/queer feminist performance artist uses humor and entertainment as activist tools to draw attention to political issues.

She is a singer, author, presenter, curator, comedian and co-founder and comedic mother of the ever-sold-out PCCC* (Politically Correct Comedy Club) across Austria, which has now expanded to the Volksbühne Berlin. She toured with Stephanie Sarnagel and Christian Rosinger as Entertainment Legends. In “Keine Panik” she will do “just once” what she usually abstains from doing: speak German on stage.

Christine Gruber (c) Rania Muslim

As always, there are no agreements about questions or topics in advance. The audience is engaged through group polls and can send questions and comments via SMS directly to their mobile phones “Don't Panic” and broadcast live on stage, as well as to everyone following the talk online.

Joanna Sofia Bader She is an actress, visual artist, and opera singer. As the latter, she will know how to destroy any laughter with her a cappella melodies.