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“Dracula – The Musical” celebrated the start of a new cultural site in Seestadt »Lederzent

“Dracula – The Musical” celebrated the start of a new cultural site in Seestadt »Lederzent

Song contest star Cesar Sampson plays the main role.

Something is moving in Seestadt (Vienna-Donaustadt). But this time, it is not about a new construction project, but about a new event site that aims to enrich the cultural offerings in the ever-growing region.

New cultural garage

Concretely, theatre, music and cultural products can be rented in the Kulturgarage at VHS Vienna, which opened just a few days ago. There is a conscious decision that there is no permanent manager. The first is “Dracula – the Musical” by the creative agency Sipario, which premiered at the end of February.

Cesar Sampson made his musical debut

At the Seestadt the new version with German translation and with a live orchestra will be shown to the public. Cesar Sampson, third place winner in the 2018 Song Contest, made his debut as a musical hero as Dracula. The band also includes Florian Klein as Jonathan Harker and Sarah Ziebush as Mina Murray. The latter was especially celebrated by viewers at the premiere.

Leadercent He was present at the premiere. Drew Saric didn’t miss this debut with his twins Noah and Amelie, Gernot Kraner, Ramesh Nair, Ferdinando Civallo, Kristin Maric, Choreographer Giorgio Madea and Licht Ins Chief Dunkel, Eva Radinger, District 22 Director Ernst Nefrivi, District Manager, District 2, Alexander Nikolai, Eva Marold Marold, conductor Queen Shuts, culture spokesperson Ernst Waller, writer Susan F. Wolf and many others. You can find impressions of “Dracula – the Musical”. here. (ts)