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100 Percent Vitasic – The First 80 Days of Gossaeng Cultural Summer

100 Percent Vitasic – The First 80 Days of Gossaeng Cultural Summer

Jules Verne traveled around the world in 80 days. Andreas Vitasek was introduced as the new director of Güssinger Kultursommer 80 days ago, and the cabaret artist has been ready to work from day one. Programming has just been completed. “There will be a cabaret festival at Gossing Castle, which will open with the ‘Burgenland All Stars Gala’. There are advanced negotiations with ORF regarding the recording of the gala. The event will conclude with a celebration of music and a public viewing of the European Championship final. “There will be a cabaret festival and a public viewing of the European Championship final,” says Andreas Vitasek, giving a first glimpse of his ideas: “Of course I hope for Austrian participation.” “Details about the artists and specific dates will be announced in a presentation of the program at the start of pre-sales next spring,” Vitasek said.

The ideas were implemented 100 percent

For Jules Verne, it was the short stories written by Edgar Allan Poe that led him to write the novel. With Andreas Vitasek there are no external loans. “The great incentive for me to undertake this task was the opportunity to realize my ideas for a cultural summer within financial and time constraints. In this way, there is 100% vitasic in the program,” says the director of the cultural summer, who already indicated during the presentation that he wants to turn the south of the country into A kind of cabaret bastion. “Hochburg seems too militaristic to me. I would say: a festival rather than a castle. That would also be a nice motto. Satire, which is my main specialty, will continue to play a central role in the artistic presentation in the future. But this should not be an obstacle to “Let me also reveal a secret: Hamlet is scheduled to be adapted in 2025,” says Andreas Vitasek, in whose considerations the cultural center plays a central role. “As far as I know, the renovation of the KUZ has already begun and is scheduled It is to be completed in the spring of 2026. But everyone who has built a building knows what to do about completion dates. “I think I will have a plan B in my pocket,” Andreas Vitasek said, sparking interest elsewhere. “The renovated KUZ aims to become the new home of the Gossinger Cultural Summer. However, I would like the castle to remain as an additional exclusive gaming site. Anyone who has visited the castle before will understand me. I would also like to continue to use the romantic atmosphere of the Gerersdorf Museum,” says Vitasek. “Outdoors to Literature.”

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The new cultural center will bear the name of the great “Southern Burgenlander’s favorite”. Andreas Vitasek does not have a message for the long-time director of Güssinger Kultursommer. “Of course the new cultural summer will carry my own signature. Since I was Frank’s favorite candidate, I hope he will be satisfied with my work,” says Andreas Vitasek. “Frank’s passions were also jazz and cinema. “I have some ideas about how to include these genres in the program, but it is still too early to talk about them.”