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dream crash |  A couple invests an entire fortune in a canceled cruise

dream crash | A couple invests an entire fortune in a canceled cruise

13 wonders of the world, 382 ports in 140 countries on seven continents – Kara and Joe Joseph from the US state of Ohio did not want to miss this adventure. The couple has invested their entire savings in a plan to explore the world through the cruise line Miray Cruises.

Cruz promised insurance that didn't exist

The problem: The luxury ship “MV Lara” never left Istanbul. Only 100 of the 600 possible cabins for the luxury cruise were booked. Due to lack of interest, investors jumped ship. The round-the-world trip had to be cancelled. Nearly 1,000 passengers – including Cara and Joe – were left with their bags and expenses.

We sold everything we had to make this dream come true. “We are devastated,” Cara, 36, admitted to the New York Times. The couple had previously sold their apartment and invested all their savings in the cruise. In total, the two paid $80,000 for the planned trip. But the couple has been stuck in a hotel in Istanbul for three months.

Passengers can remain seated at costs

Before the trip, the couple read repeatedly about the problems with the shipping company and investors. “They gave us hope until the last minute,” says Kara Youssef. But in the end it was in vain. The shipping company had promised to secure payments with a guarantee from the Federal Maritime Commission. Research by The New York Times has revealed that this is a lie.

He fears that Cara and Joe Joseph will never see their money again. It's sure to be a long legal battle. “I expect the company will close or be restructured, and everything I paid will never be paid,” says retired social worker Mary Reeder, who has been looking into the passengers' fate.

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