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Take advantage of the hopping transfer: Win a one-night stay for two at a gruber43 organic winery

Take advantage of the hopping transfer: Win a one-night stay for two at a gruber43 organic winery

Langenlois. Through crowdfunding from organic winery gruber43 from Mittelberg, you have a chance to win a one-night stay for two including vineyard walks, wine tasting and a snack at Grubers' Green Care Auszeithof winery until January 31, 2024. To enter the draw for this Grand Prize All you have to do is participate in the e-mobility crowdfunding campaign and enter the contest code “Greener Together”.

In 2020, the Gruber family's first crowdfunding campaign was so popular that a 20-kilowatt photovoltaic system was built with 135 backers. As a result, the environmental footprint of the organically certified winery has increased by approximately 4,600 kg of CO2 emissions per year2– Reduced equations. This roughly corresponds to the emissions of a car's combustion engine when traveling around the world (about 40,000 km).

It's exactly there – on the combustion engine – where Gabi and Markus Gruber now want to pull the trigger and switch to e-mobility. Because, even if the production of electric cars is more energy-intensive than the production of combustion engines, a fact check published by the Climate and Energy Fund in 2022 shows that CO22– Providing electronic mobility capabilities. An electric car emits only about 20 grams of CO2 over the entire life cycle of the vehicle2 per kilometre, while combustion engine emissions are about 175 grams of CO22 per kilometer approximately nine times.

The Grubers want to fund their e-mobility dream with backers who also want to benefit from this sustainable project themselves. The Grubers are able to finance the project through advance sales of their organic wines while at the same time offering significant discounts to all participants. By purchasing the Fun Package for €139, you get €180 worth of vouchers that you can redeem at Grubers.

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Grubers is adding the sharing feature until the end of the campaign on January 31, 2024! They compromise between all participants who enter the contest code.”Greener together“ Enter when participating in the crowdfunding €160 stay for two at the Green Care Auszeithof from the organic winery in Mittelberg 43. Enjoy Mittelberg's beautiful cultural landscape on a walk in the vineyard and then enjoy the fruits of the region in the form of a snack from the winery Wine tasting.

Seize the opportunity to become part of this sustainable project and make a fun statement for climate protection with Grubers!

Details and participation below Or directly at the gruber43 organic winery at Mittelberg 43, 3550 Langenlois.