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Dream Meadows: The Private Garden Realm

Dream Meadows: The Private Garden Realm

Then I’ll go: out of the world you share with everyone, into a very special world – into the garden. This is where longings and dreams are formed. But only occasionally: everyday needs.

Tattendorf in the Baden region is no different from anywhere else on the planet either. There are houses here, garden fences clearly indicate what belongs to whom. Plants, trees and flowers will grow here if you let them. And sometimes you ask someone who knows what you can do in the garden besides mowing the lawn, pulling weeds and gazing at the fence. Oftentimes, people just ask when suddenly garden day is a children’s playground. This was also noticed by Simon Stix, who set up his garden design office in his house in Tattendorf. When the trampoline disappears from the grass, Stix’s phone rings. More often, of course. Then he likes to guide through his ‘show garden’, his own garden and in which he lets his four kids run wild again one weekend at the latest.

“Many people only really get involved in their own garden when the kids are out,” says Stix. Although: sitting on the balcony, eating sausages on the grill and looking out at the countryside is “enough work” for many anyway. Especially if the “appearance” remains juicy, the garden looks “alive”, especially visually. At least some interesting sight lines should lead directly from your favorite armchair into the vicinity, where everything can be flowering and producing smaller, finer leaves. And in the distance, just before the garden fence, on the other hand, the organic structures, flowers and leaves could be a little bigger. Yes, garden designers like Simon Stix should also think about such things. Plus many other things that are not discussed every day in a typical terraced house with lawn.

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