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Prince Albert celebrates his birthday, but Charlene’s behavior raises eyebrows

Prince Albert celebrates his birthday, but Charlene’s behavior raises eyebrows

Prince Albert II He celebrated his 65th birthday on March 14th. In conversation with usthe peoplemagazine, the prince had previously said that he wanted to spend his day of honor with his family. “We’ll have lunch together,” he says in an interview, “and when the kids come back from school, I’ll kidnap.” The twins were thinking of something. “They want to take me to a play, but in reality I was only warned that I would be kidnapped.” That he was on the balcony of the palace but without him Mrs. Charlene introduced, caused speculation (again).

Charlene skips Albert’s official birthday celebrations

“Prince Albert II, born on March 14, 1958, celebrated his 65th birthday with his family,” the palace said on its Instagram. The prince with his wife and children was the hereditary prince jack and princess GabrielaThey said, have lunch. In the evening, the children-princes invited their parents to a theatrical performance, created especially for this occasion, called “The Witch in the Broom-Card”. a piece of Anthea Sogno and its own ensemble cast staged and performed.

Before that, there was a public event in honor of the prince. At midday, during the changing of the guard at the Place du Palais, Albert is congratulated with music by the princely orchestra of carabinieri on his birthday. On this occasion, the prince appeared on the balcony of the palace with his children. The fact that Charlene was missing caused speculation about her health to flare up again.

It has been said time and again in the past that the former professional swimmer had difficulties meeting her commitments. She had also previously withdrawn from the spotlight completely due to health issues. After spending several months in South Africa, Charlene went to a clinic in November 2021 for an extended period. The prince said at the time, “She was clearly exhausted, both physically and mentally. She was exhausted and could not bear official duties, life in general, or even family life.”

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Charlene: No congratulations on Instagram

The princess appeared in public only in the evening when they went to the theater together. Nor did she publicly congratulate her husband on his birthday. There are no congratulations on Instagram. The last time Charlene wished her husband a happy birthday on social media was in 2019.