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Drone collides with jet: US orders Russian ambassador

Drone collides with jet: US orders Russian ambassador

According to the government, the Republic of Moldova, which borders Ukraine, is not currently threatened by armed attacks from abroad. “There is no immediate military danger to Moldova,” Moldovan Defense Minister Anatoly Nozati told the AFP news agency on Monday. But “there are other kinds of threats that affect the country’s security – hybrid warfare,” warned Nosati.

The defense minister explained that Russia is creating “disinformation, tensions within our society” and is trying to “change the political order, destabilize and overthrow state authority.” “The biggest challenge is the continuous provocations that the Russian Federation is trying to use to destabilize the situation,” he added.

For weeks, exiled pro-Russian oligarch Ilan Shor’s party has been staging protests against Moldova’s pro-Western government. On Sunday, thousands of people gathered in Chisinau again in front of parliament and tried to get to the seat of government in a demonstration organized by Shore and others.

The Moldovan government has repeatedly accused Moscow of wanting to use saboteurs disguised as anti-government demonstrators to violently overthrow the government. Russia has denied the allegations.

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