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The United States is concerned about the situation in Afghanistan

The United States has been working tirelessly to prevent the Taliban from withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. The U.S. Defense Department believes there are many benefits to the Afghan Armed Forces.

Despite the progress of the militant Islamist Taliban The United States is waiting for the withdrawal of its forces Afghanistan made correct. “We are focused on getting the money back by the end of the month,” a Defense Department spokesman said. John Kirby, On Monday. However, they share the concerns of the international community about the security situation in the country, saying “this is clearly not going in the right direction”. It clearly got worse.

Kirby said the US Secretary of Defense still firmly believes that the Afghan armed forces are capable of defending themselves in the fight against the Taliban. “They have many advantages that the Taliban do not have.” He stressed: “You have to defend your country. Now this is your fight.”

Remote support announced

But they will continue to support Afghanistan until the end of August and beyond. “We have some ability to do this at a distance, all the attacks we have carried out are at a distance. And we will continue to use those capabilities,” Kirby said of the airstrikes. Flights fly out of Afghanistan. But you have fewer skills now than you had before. Airstrikes will be conducted when it makes the most sense and possible.

According to the current schedule, the United States wants to withdraw its last troops from Afghanistan by the end of August. Since the withdrawal of US and NATO troops in early May, the Taliban have made massive regional gains and are now capturing the next provincial capital. From 1996 to the US-led intervention in 2001, the Taliban controlled large parts of Afghanistan.

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