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Drone delivery starts in the US in 60 minutes

Drone delivery starts in the US in 60 minutes

With Amazon Prime Air, customers can get deliveries via drone in just 60 minutes, and in the future even just 30 minutes. In the US, the service has now begun testing in two locations, California and Texas.

Amazon Prime Air: Trial operation begins in US

Amazon Prime Air is the delivery system of the future that uses unmanned aerial vehicles to get orders to our customers in 30 minutes. With Prime Air, we are working towards a safer and more environmentally friendly system that improves our service to millions of customers.” It says that Amazon site.

Already in June 2022 Drone delivery service goes into trial run in US Now, just in time for Christmas, public testing has begun in the United States. how CBS News Drone deliveries have been possible in Lockford, California and College Station, Texas for about a week, according to reports.

The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has given the green light for delivery of the MK27-2 drone in August 2022. Orders are delivered directly to your home within 60 minutes. The drone then flies to the address, lands in the garden, hovers close to the ground to deliver the items, and then begins its journey home.

Drone delivery up to 2.27 kg

The MK27-2 drone can carry about 5 pounds (almost 2.27 kg) of weight due to its hexagonal design and six motors. Most packages offered by Amazon are below this limit.

Interested parties in Lockford and College Station can sign up for Amazon Prime Air on Amazon, which will check if their address is eligible for drone deliveries. If the Internet giant gives the OK, deliveries can be made immediately.

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If the test run is successful, Amazon wants to expand the delivery service. Here you have it too By MK30 drone in November 2022 A successor model that enables deliveries within 30 minutes has already been promised. However, the new model is currently still in development and is expected to follow the MK27-2 from 2024.

Amazon wants to increase the range. In addition, the MK30 should be able to cope better with extreme temperatures and provide improved protection functions. Flights even in light rain are possible with the new model.