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Austria condemns Taliban ban on women working in NGOs

Austria condemns Taliban ban on women working in NGOs

“We are deeply appalled,” the State Department wrote. The SPÖ recently criticized the fact that Austria did not participate in the announcement by several foreign ministers banning women from working.

Austria also condemns the work ban on employees of non-governmental organizations in Afghanistan announced by the Taliban on 24 December. “We are deeply saddened by the Taliban’s decision to ban women from working in humanitarian NGOs,” the foreign ministry said on Twitter on Friday. This is another burden on women, leading to their exclusion from Afghan society.

“Women’s contribution to humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan is critical and must continue,” the State Department said. Austria did not participate in a statement issued by several foreign ministers on Thursday on banning women from working, for which it was criticized by the SPÖ. Petra Bayr, SPÖ spokeswoman for global development, asked Thursday why Austria did not participate in the call to lift the ban on work. “What further action is required on the part of the Taliban is before the Foreign Minister Sound Hill (ÖVP, note) Finally taking a clear position and making decisions?”

Austria did not participate in this effort

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “Austria – like most others EU“Member states that are more active on human rights issues, especially protecting women’s rights – are not involved in this initiative”. A spokesman insisted that Austria only found out about the declaration when it was published. , Norway, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the foreign representative of the European Union.

The Taliban justified the ban by saying that some women did not follow the given description Islamic Adhered to the dress code. After further restrictions on women’s rights, many international aid agencies temporarily suspend their work in the country. Last week, the Taliban banned the country’s female students from entering private and public universities, effective immediately. In March, girls were banned from entering high schools.

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