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DSDS (RTL): No more trash without Dieter Bohlin – Details about the new concept have been revealed

DSDS (RTL): No more trash without Dieter Bohlin – Details about the new concept have been revealed

Season nineteen

DSDS gets a new concept in 2022. What does Dieter Bohlin think about it? (Photo montage)

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The DSDS will likely be very different in 2022 than what fans know so far. RTL wants to change the entire cast without Dieter Bohlin.

Cologne – For many fans, it has been since the announcement that Dieter Bohlin (67) is no longer with him Germany is looking for the star (DSDS) * There will be of course: from next season there will be nothing as usual. but now The first details about the new concept of the DSDS casting display Revealed – Accordingly, RTL is completely working on turning the hit show on its head. reports *.

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DSDS as you know it – but now fans have to say goodbye.

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DSDS (RTL): Dieter Bohlin is out – The broadcaster wants to completely change his image

This year’s DSDS season was perhaps the scandalous most ever. And for once, not because of the candidates. Michael Windler got off first and had to leave RTL It can then be completely cut from castings and shortly before live performances The announcer also announced the end Pop Titan Dieter Bohlin. Viewers and nominees couldn’t bid farewell to the DSDS legend – due to illness, the 67-year-old did not take part in live performances as planned Replaced by Thomas Gottschalk. It included a mud battle between television giants and low scores. RTL now wants to do everything differently in the upcoming 2022 season and that Get rid of the scandal image.

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DSDS: Details of the new concept have been revealed – RTL wants to do everything differently without Bohlen

“It will be in DSDS leaves no stone unturnedDisplay manager agrees Because it has to be clear: If the upcoming nineteenth season fails, the brand will DSDS (at a glance all the winners) buried. That is why DSDS officials have considered a new concept, details of which have now been revealed. Next to The jury, the moderator, and the nominees must also bring backstage stories to life She and “fundamentally changed”. So it’s all that DSDS has given viewers for almost 20 years. “The DSDS will be a singing contest again – no garbage, no castings Gaga,” the insiders continue.

The jury should work as a team, depending on the coordination of success “Let’s dance” (RTL). It should be 30 to 40 names in the conversation. There are also plans to change a lot in the DSDS cast to give the show a new luster. As writes, it was Two employees from the DSDS production team have already been exchanged. Especially those employees who are considered “friends of Dieter Bohlin” are shivering at the moment. It remains to be seen what the DSDS will really look like in 2022.

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