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Duel around the world: Johannes Ording in Arizona

Duel around the world: Johannes Ording in Arizona

Disguised as a ridiculous but needlessly deadly radio play, singer Johannes Oerding is given an assignment by Goku, who has taken a shower. Because when he got his Walkman in Arizona, he had no idea he’d have to climb a hot air balloon on a rope ladder to set the story “Johannes Jammerlappen” to music.

Team games are one of Johannes Ording’s passions and that’s exactly why he was immediately accepted when Klaas Hofer-Amlauf asked him about “fencing around the world”. However, at that time, he did not yet know the crazy mission ahead of him.

Johannes Jammerlaben, also known as Johannes Oerding in the United States

In search of a country point, antagonist Goku Winterscheidt leads the musician to America. Once he arrives, he receives an old Walkman, with which not only can he hear the challenge, but also author Goku’s creative radio play. In the adventure story, Johan plays a sad cowboy who is desperately searching for a beautiful voice.

That’s not the only problem: the action-packed game scenes and literal speeches are missing from the entire radio play. According to the story, cowboy Johannes finds a security balloon at the end of the American desert that he can turn into a famous singer.

On silk fibers in a hot air balloon

In the middle of the desert, Johannes Ording encountered a huge hot-air balloon with his smiling face printed on it. “The higher you fly, the thinner the air, and the thicker the sound, because it expands,” Goku promises to laugh and invites Johan (grummer) to a chair attached to the hot air balloon basket with several ropes. With this construction, the balloon rises to sunny heights.

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Conquer the shaking rope ladder

With a mixture of fear, excitement, and sheer stupidity, the singer knows it can’t be the whole task. In a dizzy hike, he discovers a rope ladder, which he climbs to the basket for a win. “But Johannes Stemlin remained disgustingly disgusting,” the radio play said. “There was only one possibility: he had to leave the mysterious magical chair and climb much higher.”

Will he become Johannes Schön Stemm?

And once he gets there, it’s hard for the challenger to believe his luck. But he still could not understand the point of the countryside. A second rope ladder appeared, on which Johannes was supposed to climb another 60 meters along the hot air balloon. You can find out in the video if the musician can summon an extra dose of courage and adrenaline to climb to the top of the balloon.

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