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Sunday Song 070 Shake – “Web”

What is your favorite flower? 070 Shake announces their new album and releases “Web,” the tune of dopamine.

to Christopher Sipin

Sometimes people are very close physically, but mentally very far apart. Then again in other countries, but still in close contact. Convergence is one of our big themes in 2022, not least because of the untold divergence of recent years. We talk a lot about what it is now, closeness, intimacy, solidarity, connectedness. We probably talk a lot about it because we can’t find a satisfactory answer.

But you can at least say a few things: “One thing is certain,” one thing is clear, according to the alias Danielle Balbuena. 070 shake At the beginning of their new song “Web”: “This thing isn’t working.” This is not how it works. We have to be there, present, connected, whatever you want to call it, at a time when we are all in constant contact with each other, but often on our own. “Let’s be here in person,” asks 070 Shake.

If you’ve missed the rapper’s output so far, here’s a brief summary: 070 Shake comes from New Jersey, hence the name 070, which is the zip code. Perhaps the musician attracted more attention with her very beautiful bass song “morning”And then there are great sad sketches like “guilty conscience” Or the Nirvana tribute? “pine trees”. You can find everything in the excellent album “Temporary Settlement” from the year 2020.

And now a new album: “You Can’t Kill Me” will hit the record 2 out of 070 Shake and be released in less than a month, on June 3 on Kanye’s GOOD Music and Def Jam. Music that you might sometimes want to call emo rap, sometimes pessimistic pop, or simply describe it as the soundtrack to Reflexive Nights Never Sleep, will also be found on Danielle Balbuena’s new album. Here, for example, “web”.

The path, which presents itself in the form of fragments of thoughts, lasts for two minutes. Collage ideas on paper or in a notebook app, with your phone screen as a night light, and then you look at it the next day and don’t know what it all means. Times that seem like a series of disjointed moments are a good home for songs that bounce between thoughts and hearts.

There is a reflection on intimacy as 070 Shake sings about human relationships: “I don’t reach you” and “I want to reach you.” Why is it difficult to engage with each other? “The games we play, they don’t relate to the things we say” is a phrase we should all be able to understand because we have all experienced it in some way. Everything is baffling in this world of feelings, everything is full of hormones: “Dopamine, serenade,” she sings 070 Shake, describing her song perfectly in two simple words. This is the web.

So that all this does not get worse, the song envelops itself with the warmest echoes and fields of fog. It leaves room for simple questions: “What is your favorite flower?” 070 Shake in the background asks in an episode, “I want to know.” For if we do not find answers in our complex considerations, perhaps we should search for them in the simple ones. “I think we should start here,” repeats 070 Shake at the end of their song. And he’s right.

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