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Duel Storm against Red Bull Salzburg

Duel Storm against Red Bull Salzburg

Storm Graz vs Red Bull Salzburg is the best Austrian league has to offer compared to the previous season. On Saturday (7.30 pm) there will be the first meeting of the season in Graz. The defeat 1: 2 on April 27 was the last defeat of the “bulls”, who want revenge. Before that (5 p.m.) Altach and Wolfsberger AC meet at Altach. Meanwhile, the newly promoted Red Blostenau welcomes in.

For Styrians, the match is the start of hot weeks in which Champions League participation is also at stake. Sturm coach Christian Elzer warned on Thursday that “the intense phase begins on Saturday, followed by the most important matches and major challenges. We have to succeed in calling our maximum potential.” After Salzburg, Ukrainian record champions Dynamo Kyiv await a storm in the third round of UEFA Champions League qualifiers on Wednesday. Departure to ód on Tuesday.

Even after the team’s numerous reorganizations over the summer, Salzburg quickly found its rhythm again. Be it in the cup or in the Bundesliga, Austria were defeated 3-0 last week. There was also a sense of accomplishment in the friendly test against Liverpool on Wednesday with a narrow 1-0 victory. “Of course we are very happy with the successful start against Austria, but we can put it in a good context. We have already done some things very well. However, we still have room to improve in some areas, we are not yet at 100%”, coach Matthias explained Gisley.

On the other hand, Altach and Wolfsberger AC went without a win in the first round of the Bundesliga. Before Saturday’s duel (5:00 pm), a parallel is striking, as the German coach is in charge of fate there as well as there. However, Altaş coach Miroslav Klose and Wydad coach Ruben Dutt did not want to make any memorable touch points during their creative phase in the neighboring country on Friday. “Maybe I don’t remember that,” Klose said.

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Altach suffered a 2-1 defeat at Hartberg last week, and now the DFB’s record scorer can knock out his eleven on the field for the first time in the league at Cash Point Arena. “I’m in good spirits and very confident,” Klose said of “a very good week of training. That’s why we tried and practiced a lot of things and in the last match we worked very well.”

Wydad coach Dutt does not see his team as the favorite after the 1-1 draw at home against Sturm Graz. “There are no big favorites in this stadium, except maybe Salzburg,” he said. “Everyone has to make their way to the league first.” “It’s a tough away game that will be played on an equal footing, and we hope it will be a better ending for us.” The first steps to weathering the storm were “absolutely good”. “Of course we still have room for improvement in terms of playing up front. There is still something to happen in terms of the remaining defense.”

Promoter Lustenau wants to continue his “great story” (coach Marcus Mader) since the start of the season in the second round of the German Bundesliga on Saturday. The 2-1 win over WSG Tirol should have inspired the Ländle team after six days at SV Ried. On the other hand, Reed gained self-confidence despite a late 1-0 defeat at Rapid.

“It was very bitter. But we can build on this performance,” said Christian Heinel, whose team in Hetteldorf only “sinked” by a Bernhard Zimmermann goal in the 77th minute. “We still have to reward ourselves for the many opportunities.” The match against Lustenau is an opportunity to take the next step. “We’re not as far away as I’d like to see us,” Heinel said.

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He was aware that you were dealing with a “very enthusiastic climber”. “Lustenau won the first game and he’s very excited about it. They are also playing very brave. The worst thing is that we underestimate Lustenau. We don’t do that with an opponent anyway, but it would be really bad with a rising team.” Anyway Ryder will have to deal with the long absence of Nikola Stusic (rupture of the cruciate ligament), who is likely to be replaced by 22-year-old German Michael Martin, as he did after his 16th minute failure.