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Dwayne Johnson in Fortnite: The Rock becomes the hero of the hit video game The Foundation

Dwayne Johnson in Fortnite: The Rock becomes the hero of the hit video game The Foundation

It is an electronic game

The second chapter of “Fortnite” ended with “The End” and only Dwayne Johnson appeared in the game as the hero of The Foundation to defeat the evil Cube Queen.

Fortnite: Dwayne Johnson als Held The Foundation (Quelle: Epic Games / Youtube / Screenshot: Netzwelt)

  • Dwayne Johnson The players of “Fortnite” were surprised at the end of the event “The End” with an appearance.
  • As the hero of the Enterprise, fight with The Seven against the Cube Queen.
  • Chapter 2 of “Fortnite” is now over, and Chapter 3 will take place on a new island.

It is an electronic game‘, the successful battle royale game from Epic Games, has been reinventing itself over and over again over the past few months and years. While the mission to be the best out of 100 players in each round remains the focus, there are new sections on the island, characters from Marvel Cinematic Universe And many events always offer a variety.

Now the second chapter of “Fortnite” has ended with the event “The End”. The Evil Cube Queen, a creature with seemingly infinite power, had to be stopped by the Seven Heroic League.

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The leader of the Seven, The Foundation, has appeared before in “Fortnite”, but he always wears a helmet. Now “The End” has revealed that Dwayne Johnson is under the helmet (“red notice‘), who also gave the digital figure its voice.

Since the Cube Queen can eventually be defeated by having the entire island fall on her, evil has been defeated for the time being, but the island is now swimming upside down in the water, and therefore won’t play a role in the upcoming third chapter of It’s an Electronic Game. Players can be curious as to what happens next, but it’s unlikely that Dwayne Johnson will be involved in the future.

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