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E-Mobility – Gols: Presentation of the first electric truck “Joseph” in Burgenland

E-Mobility – Gols: Presentation of the first electric truck “Joseph” in Burgenland

The new tractor from LSC-Wenzl GmbH was presented on Wednesday morning. Founded in 1964, the family-owned company employs 150 employees and uses a total of 120 trucks and 50 semi-trailers and trailers for transportation. The first electric tractor was purchased in a joint venture with the Lidl trading company.

Johan Wenzl with his partner Lisa Neumann and their son Josef, Roland Löffler, Volvo Group Austria, Michael Gerpavcitz, Managing Director of Burgenland Business Agency, Gols Pastor Ingrid Tschunk, Raphael Dillmann, Lidl Österreich GmbH, Ingrid and Harald Wenzl from LSC- Wenzl GmbH, and Mayor Gols LABg. Kilian Brandstätter, State Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil, and Stefan Sharma, Chairman of the Board of Management of Burgenland Energie.

Klaus Kennel

45 percent of goods move less than 300 kilometers

45% of all freight in Europe is transported less than 300 km, which is why it is possible to shift transport to trucks with electric motors that have this range. In Burgenland, traffic accounts for about 50% of all emissions, which is why CO2-free mobility is of particular importance.

“If we want to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, we have to make mobility environmentally friendly. That's why technical innovations like this new electric truck play an important role,” stressed State Governor Hans-Peter Doskozil. “Because every kilometer traveled electric is a clean kilometer and one more step Towards climate neutrality in Burgenland.” The use of zero-emission trucks has been firmly established in Lidl's sustainability strategy.

And he goes down

Stefan Sharma, Michael Gerbavcitz, Harald Wenzel, and Hans-Peter Doskozil.

Klaus Kennel

The Volvo Type FM electric tractor unit is equipped with a battery capacity of 540 kWh, allowing a range of up to 330 kilometers with a payload of up to 44 tons. Total engine power reaches a maximum of 666 hp. During operation, the vehicle is approximately ten decibels quieter than a similar truck with a diesel engine. The electric truck is intended to deliver goods for up to 20 hours a day. The truck can be charged with green electricity from photovoltaic systems at Lidl branches.

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The topic of renewable energy is on everyone's lips, as confirmed by the mayor of Julis and state parliament member, Kilian Brandstätter, at a time when there is a generally heated debate about mobility. It is important to the Gols community to have innovative companies like Wenzl – the community's largest employer – that embrace and implement new ideas.

Doskozil also stressed that electric mobility is the future, even if many people are skeptical about it. Electromobility will be an essential part of mobility, and the population must be convinced of this, but they should not be forced to switch to electric cars. With the introduction of the first electric truck in Burgenland, we are witnessing a new development in the field of heavy transport.

At the end of the event, the new car was named “Joseph” by Reverend Ingrid Tschunk – a name also borne by the youngest grandson of company president Harald Wenzel.