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Gols drives the first fully electric truck in Burgenland

Gols drives the first fully electric truck in Burgenland

Visually, Joseph is not much different from his older peers Truck mates. If it weren't for that Green license plates -And the letters “electrical”which is proudly displayed above the windshield.

Youssef is the first in Burgenland Approved trucks Fully electric motor. From today onwards he is shooting on behalf of Gols Logistics Company LSC Wenzel He makes his rounds and supplies food to Lidl branches in northern Burgenland. Instead of an internal combustion engine, it got the Volvo FM Electric. Three ton batteries With a power of 540 kilowatts. This means the 666bhp tractor has a range of 330km with a payload of 44 tonnes and is said to be ten decibels quieter than a diesel truck.

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the Refrigerated trailer, which Joseph travels with, generates its own electricity using a dynamo. The state governor was also present at the presentation on Wednesday in Joules Hans Peter Doskozil Present, who expressed his admiration: “A few years ago I would not have believed that I could stand here today in front of a truck with a range of 300 kilometers. You cannot imagine what will be possible in ten or twenty years. Every kilometer traveled with electricity is another step towards climate neutrality.” In Burgenland.

By the way, Joseph is named after the youngest offspring of the Wenzel family, who is seven months old. His father, Johannes, is the third generation to work in the family business, which was founded in 1964.

Initially, Wenzl transported fruits and vegetables with three trucks. Today Gols employs 150 people and has 120 trucks and 50 trailers in its fleet.

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