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E10 bio ethanol was introduced in Austria

E10 bio ethanol was introduced in Austria

From April you can fill up your car with E10 petrol at petrol stations in Austria. The basis for the introduction of E10 is the Fuel Ordinance, which makes it possible for filling stations to increase the proportion of organic fuel to ten percent. This makes Austria the sixteenth country in the European Union to implement the change.

Austria. Carbon dioxide that has been dormant in the earth as oil for millions of years should not be released into the atmosphere. Specifically, they want to gradually replace fuel and diesel fuel, which are refined from crude oil, with synthetic fuels – without the crude oil. In April, ten percent bioethanol will be added to gasoline, which is designated by the inscription E10 instead of Super E5 on the pump. This means that the fuel contains less fossil fuel than petroleum.

Additional consumption of 1.5 percent

To date, five percent bioethanol has been added to gasoline in Austria. Change continues. Manufacturers have already planned biofuels, and capacities for domestic ethanol production are also available. According to the traffic clubs ÖAMTC and ARBÖ, motorists should expect an additional consumption of 1 to 1.5 percent due to the lower energy content of E10 petrol. With the usual and currently used vehicles these vehicles can be assumed to be E10 compliant.

According to the Department of Energy and Climate Protection, E10 can contribute to reducing climate-damaging emissions. But you have to be careful not to use the farmland needed for food production.

With an older car, it’s worth checking if it can afford an E10 – Here is the check

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