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Neunkirchen: Bonus money for dogs from the animal shelter

Neunkirchen: Bonus money for dogs from the animal shelter

Bravo: Animal lovers in Neunkirchen who adopted a dog from an animal shelter.

Would you adopt a shelter dog?

“We are waiving the annual dog levy for three years on dogs brought in from local shelters.”

Ninth church. With a very positive message, environmental consultant Thomas Rack (ÖVP) urged people to sit up and take heed: “We are waiving the annual dog tax for three years for dogs brought in from a local animal shelter.”

Relief for animal shelters

Rack expects this measure will help reduce the burden on animal shelters. “And it makes it easier to accept dogs into a loving family,” explains Rack.
The decision on this relief for animal lovers and their animal shelter bells was taken at the most recent town hall meeting.
It is still uncertain how many people a shelter dog could be tempted by this “reward”. “This year there was no separate budget line, so the savings must be made elsewhere. That is why this year it was set at 500 euros, and from next year it will be taken into account in the budget with a separate budget line,” he explains. shelf.

Click here for the Neunkirchner animal shelter dog financing form

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