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EANS-Adhoc: Wolford Aktiengesellschaft / Andrew Thorndike (COO) and Silvia Azzali (CCO) have been extended as directors until December 31, 2024

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Bregenz – The Supervisory Board of Wolford AG decided today to approve the appointment of Andrew Thorndike as a member of the Board of Directors after the 30 September 2021 and the appointment of Silvia Azzali as a member of the Board of Directors after the October 31, 2021 through the December 31, 2024 extension.
The council continues to form two members. As Director of Operations (COO), Andrew Thorndike (54) is responsible for the divisions of Product Development, Supply Chain Management, Procurement, Procurement, Finance, Accounting, Legal, Investor Relations, Information Technology, and Human Resources. Sylvia Azali, 49, is the Commercial Director (CCO) responsible for Sales, Promotion, Branding, Marketing and Design.

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