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East Africa - Somalia, apparently ahead of new elections

East Africa – Somalia, apparently ahead of new elections

Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed is likely to surrender in light of the tremendous tensions in the country and the failure to extend his four-year term. Speak in favor of new elections and a return to political dialogue.

In a speech to the nation broadcast on state television on Wednesday evening, Mohamed announced that he would seek parliamentary approval for the “electoral process” next Saturday. He called on political actors to “hold urgent talks” on how to hold the elections. He also announced that he was giving up on trying to stay in office for another two years.

Muhammad’s term ended on February 8th. As a result, he repeatedly postponed elections. In mid-April he signed a law extending his term. This sparked massive unrest. The army built fortifications in the capital, Mogadishu, raising fears of violent clashes. Another factor that raised citizens’ fears is that Muhammad is a member of the Daroud clan, while a large part of the opposition, but also senior military personnel, belong to the Hawiye clan. (ORF / Reuters)

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