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Brexit: the trade agreement as the last chapter in the divorce proceedings

Brexit: the trade agreement as the last chapter in the divorce proceedings

Major political groups backed ratification of the Brexit trade pact yesterday – despite heavy doubts about London’s loyalty to the treaty. Therefore, Parliament’s approval was confirmed and the agreement could enter into force on May 1.

President of the European Union Commission Ursula von der Leyen They praised the Trade and Cooperation Agreement agreed on Christmas 2020 under severe time pressure. It has been provisionally enforced since the UK left the EU’s internal market and the customs union at the start of the year because there was no time for ratification in advance. Von der Leyen urgently warned Great Britain of violations, saying, “The agreement brings real teeth.” The European Union has the option to impose “unilateral corrective measures” such as punitive tariffs.

“A trade agreement is the best option available under the framework conditions,” said SPÖ-EU delegation head and Brexit correspondent Andreas Schieder. However, there is a great need for improvement in many areas. The price is not paid by millionaires, but rather they are the weakest in society. ”

The new trade agreement stipulates that British goods can in principle be imported into the European Union free of customs duties and unlimited – and vice versa. However, there have been customs procedures and controls in place since January 1. Among other things, it checks whether the products are actually made primarily in Great Britain and whether the food meets the standards.