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Eberl Handicrafts – a living passion in the cave of handicraft lovers

Eberl Handicrafts – a living passion in the cave of handicraft lovers

Fleece as far as the eye can see. Bolts of fabric, boxes of buttons, craft books, and haberdashery, as we know them from Grandma's time. Eva Moritz (52) handicraft shop at Hauptstrasse 65 in Trofaiach makes the hearts of handicraft lovers beat faster. A few months ago, Troischer took over the business from her sister, Ingrid Eberle, who retired.

“We both trained as textile and apparel retail clerks at the store with Herta Habermann. “Habermann’s haberdashery still stands above the gate in the street today,” says Moritz, who doesn’t forget to point out that the company, which was founded in 1925 “by Mrs. Dietrich.” At Hauptstrasse 65, she will be 100 next year. Handicrafts were an important part of her childhood. “Our grandmother Paula, and especially our mother Herma, taught us a lot,” she says.

The entrance area to the “Cave” is a paradise for lovers of handicrafts

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Craftsmanship has always been an issue

Overall, she and her siblings grew up in a home where they could try and do things. “Our father Karl was a carpenter and we had small planes when we were children. So we learned not to be afraid of new activities and to be open-minded,” confirms Eva Moritz.

Their business premises are commonly referred to as a cave. “This is also because you have to walk a few meters in an open area before you reach the entrance door. This is good because it means that the sun does not fall on wool and other goods. That would not be good because everything will fade. In addition, you cannot see Who's in the store from outside. She had already had inquiries about whether she wanted to move the business, but “no, that's not an option at all. “I still have the old furniture, and it fits very well,” Moritz says quietly.

Popular with customers

It is immediately apparent that she remains calm when dealing with customers when looking for a zipper for a lady. “Maybe it will fit, oh no, it's too small.” “But maybe this,” she allows the client to participate in her search. In the end, a suitable one is no longer needed, because with a quick glance, Moritz sees that there is a tooth missing from the lock. She points out Until “the slider doesn't help us either.” The client remains satisfied, as is the businessman. “It's important for me to make everything possible for my clients,” she is convinced.

In her boxes, shelves, and store, all she needs is a handle and the desired item in her hand. “We also have a warehouse and I really know exactly what's in there,” she reveals. Handicrafts are on the rise again. “Of course not many people practice sock darning anymore. I learned it from my grandmother. But knitting and crocheting are back in fashion. There is a wonderful selection of wool and threads. Manufacturers are also following the fashion,” says Moritz. Her passion is knitting. : “My work is also my hobby.”

However, she also needs time off. “The business there will never close. When I'm away, my sister is there or my mother is there. It stays in the family, otherwise it wouldn't work at all,” she concludes.