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One of the oldest shops in Bad Ischl: Salzwelten Department Store

One of the oldest shops in Bad Ischl: Salzwelten Department Store

Bath The Salzwelten shop hasn’t been in its current location for a long time, before that it was a little further away on Kaiser-Franz-Josef-Straße. And this store is real advice! I always buy the coarse salt here for the mill, and put the fine salt into the bread. The salt is “pure nature,” it does not contain the so-called anti-caking agents that are added to common table salt.

Moreover, salt with a variety of spice blends is on sale here, perfect as a little souvenir! The shop actually saved me some embarrassment when I was called “totally casual” and I was looking for a “totally casual” gift.

You can also buy salt lamps in all shapes and sizes depending on the mood. These are the salt stones in which you can put your tea. One often reads keywords like “ionizing” or “energetic properties” and that is why lamps are said to be good for health. Well I suspect the tea light is mostly made of paraffin and with a smoking wick tends to pollute the air in the room. And then the broadcast is announced, no ions will help! But this salt lamp looks beautiful and if you enjoy it and feel good, it is at least something for the soul. 🙂

Stop by the store, there is something for everyone here. Internet address is There is also an online store for those who find it a little further away.

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