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Eberstein Shines in Powerful Woman Splendor – 5 Minutes

Eberstein Shines in Powerful Woman Splendor – 5 Minutes

Published June 30, 2024 at 9:28 pm /©LPD Carinthia/Peter Gast

Anna and Hugh Grant unveil a statue honoring Countess Anna von Eberstein. Eberstein is about strong women.

from Nadia Alina Gressel

Nadia Gressel 5 minutesNadia Gressel 5 minutes

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A touch of Hollywood exploded in Görtschitztal today. Anna Grant And her husband is a famous actor hugh granta statue in honor of Countess Anna von Eberstein Exposed. In collaboration with the state governor. Peter Kaiser And Deputy Governor Martin Gruber This memorial was ceremoniously opened.

Abba Grant traveled from Sweden

Countess Anna von Eberstein, a historical ancestor who shaped the region economically, had a marble sculpture commissioned by the artist Franz Moor Honoring. Anna Grant, née Eberstein and the Countess's namesake, traveled from Sweden with her family to take part in the special event.

The history of the place is exceptional and provides motivations for the present and future.

Peter Kaiser

Gruber also stressed the importance of the historical debate and pointed to the long tradition of strong women in the region. mayor Andreas Grabuschnigg He stressed the importance of the day: “Eberstein is about strong women. Our historic landmark, Eberstein Castle, is now full of life. Katia AlmbergerThe Deputy Director of the Carinthian State Archives gave a laudatory speech and compared the historical countess to the modern Anna Grant. Both women are role models for their time through their strength and work.