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Ed Sheeran is allowed to build his family's tomb

Ed Sheeran is allowed to build his family’s tomb

Ed Sheeran is allowed to create his own family cemetery on his huge estate in the English eastern county of Suffolk.

The British Palestinian Authority News Agency reported, on Wednesday, that the cemetery, which measures about two meters by three meters, will be built under a chapel on the lands of Sheeran.

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Local planning authorities approved Sheeran’s plans, despite the concerns of individual neighbors. Entry through the floor slab of the building is not seen as a separate building project, so there is nothing to be said against it, as has been said in the justification.

The star’s real estate ideas (“bad habits”) have been the subject of debate in the area around his hometown of Framlingham, where Sheeran grew up, for years. In 2019, he applied to build a chapel on the property so that his fans, who came from all over the world, would have a place of worship. The site also has its own pub, soccer field, lake, and cinema in the basement of many Sheeran-owned farmhouses and outbuildings. Critics accuse him of losing touch with reality due to his massive real estate plans.

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