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Edge and Seth Rollins make you sit up and take notice

Edge and Seth Rollins make you sit up and take notice

Is this behind-the-scenes encounter a harbinger of a “dream match”?

Amid a title dispute with Universal Champion Roman Reigns, WWE appears to be the seed for the next big show Returned to the Hall of Famers Edge episode to put.

On the Friday Night SmackDown TV show, Edge staged a tense backstage meeting with Seth Rollins – which appears to confirm rumors WWE are planning to have Edge and Rollins after the big Money in the Bank event Sunday after the next: a match at the massive SummerSlam show in Las Arena Vegas Raiders NFL.

Seth Rollins defeats Cesaro and provokes Edge

The occasion of the meeting was that Rollins qualified for the Money in the Bank match by winning a very physical duel with Cesaro – at the end of which Rollins’ Swiss rival also had a tear in his head.

In a behind-the-scenes interview, Rollins famously recalled his “cash-in” at WrestleMania 31 when he blew up a WWE title duel between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns.

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He now announced that he would win the match and retrieve the bag, symbolizing a potential title opportunity at any time, that same evening – which Edge felt treated as a potential victim.

Rollins’ “Superstar” confronted Rollins and was insulted when Rollins said he should have met Reigns at MITB anyway. He commented lightly on Rollins’ remarks, noting that he was about to call Reigns to a fight – something Rollins clearly didn’t dare do.

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Roman Reigns gives up on Usos

Edge did that later and had to deal not only with Reigns, but also with his nephews Jimmy and Ji Uso.

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prevail (Who are discussing John Cena as a competitor for SummerSlam) had already asked the two of them beforehand to leave the argument with Edge to him this time – which sounded more like reverse psychology to get them to do the opposite.

In the end, it took Reigns enough time for Usos to come to his rescue and give him the numerical advantage. But that was broken when tag team champion Rey and Dominic Mysterio Edge, who were also rivals to Reigns, came to their rescue. Reigns pulled away eventually, allowing both Usos to get rid of his opponent this time around.

Jimmy Uso de facto arrested for another drunk driving this week He was not only mentioned or alluded to in the passages when Brother Ji assured him of his support during this “tough time”.

Other highlights:

– Before Rollins, “King” Shinsuke Nakamura also got a money in the bank ticket by defeating rival Baron Corbin. The scenes surrounding the match woven the story that Corbin needed the money. Nakamura and Pal Rick Boggs showed up with an SUV that Corbin was said to have put up for auction.

Tegan Knox, who has just returned to NXT after a long hiatus due to injury And the Third teammate Shutze Black Heart Celebrated the main team’s successful debut as a tag team on SmackDown. Nox and Shotzi, as they are just called now, boarded the patented Shotzi mini tank, challenged Tag Team champions Natalya and Tamina to a match that wasn’t about the title – and defeated them after Senton Splash Shotzis against Natalia’s niece Bret-Hard.

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Another new face is about to appear: it was announced in a video too Top New Zealand talent Tony Storm Hit “Soon” SmackDown.

– distance Bailey is seriously injured Sonia Deville, featured as matchmaker, names former title holder Carmella as new contender for Women’s Champion Bianca Belair in Money in the Bank – what again Their competition is Liv Morgan In the scene, who was upset about Carmella (and returning Zelina Vega) being nominated for a MITB match without a fight. This time, however, Deville delighted Morgan with the news that she would be replacing Carmella in the Money in the Bank match. Morgan promised to win and reclaim the title match against Carmella if she beat Bellaire.

WWE Friday Night SmackDown results for July 9, 2021:

Bank Money Qualifier Match: King Nakamura defeats Baron Corbin
Untitled Match: Shotzi & Nox besiegen Natalya & Tamina
Bank Money Qualifier Match: Seth Rollins defeats Cesaro