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Edge browser seems to be sending visited pages to Bing

Edge browser seems to be sending visited pages to Bing

The latest version of Microsoft Edge browser seems to be sending the pages you visit on the Internet to its search engine, Bing. This was reported today by The Verge, citing multiple users who analyzed browser behavior.

The full URL of almost every page you visit is sent to Bing, which is a serious privacy issue. Microsoft told The Verge that it is currently investigating the reports.

One of the functions in Edge is clearly to blame — this should make it easier to follow influencers and other content creators, a developer told The Verge. It was probably planned to send only the relevant addresses to Microsoft, “but it doesn’t seem to work properly, and instead it sends almost every domain you visit to Bing,” says the developer. If you turn off the “Follow Creator” function, no more addresses will be sent to Microsoft.

“We are aware of the reports, are investigating them, and will take appropriate action to address these issues,” Microsoft chief communications officer Caitlin Rolston said in a statement to The Verge. So far there is no explanation of how this happened.

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