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Leak has already revealed what new “free” games it may bring to subscribers

Leak has already revealed what new “free” games it may bring to subscribers

Once again, a leaker got ahead of Sony and revealed the new games that will be released before the official announcement PlayStation Plus subscribers Looking forward to next month.

Joined in April Meet your makerAnd Sackboy: Big Adventure And iron tails colored mixture in Paid online serviceThe race will take place twice in May. If the leaker is right, the double pack for adrenaline junkies will be complemented by multiplayer battles in a medieval setting.

PlayStation Plus: According to the leak, these games are coming in May

If you like speed and speed, then you must face it dropouts in the French forum Absolute value deal According to the choice between two titles in May: Both PlayStation Plus must be with the car racing game Network Legends In addition to the title of extreme bike descendant Bring. If the former is on paved trails, the latter will send you down rugged mountain terrain.

If you have a knack for the tough stuff, you shouldn’t miss the third PlayStation Plus nominee: Mit Equestrian 2 Mayo subscription service puts you directly in middle ages, where you and up to 63 other knights bump into your hood. Despite the similarity with the online shooter battlefield In keeping with the setting, no firearms are used, but swords. All three games will use both PlayStation 4 and PS5.

Not only will you see if the leak is really true when the light comes on, but when Sony takes the official announcement of the new PS Plus games into its own hands. Until then, you can still secure last month’s headlines: BIt is the second of May stand on PlayStation Plus titles currently available Ready for you to add to your library or download and keep forever – provided you remain an active subscriber, of course.

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