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Egger Glas is the new and old main sponsor of TSV Hartberg – Football

Hartberg: Eggerglass main sponsor new and old Photo: © GEPA

Hartburg – Friday, July 2, 2021, 5:39 pm

TSV Hartberg finds new and old major sponsor after partnership with Prolactal ends.

Egger Glas Isolier- und Sicherheitsglaserzeugung GmbH from Gersdorf returns to TSV Hartberg as the main sponsor. Even before dealing with Prolactal, Styrian acted like this. In the meantime, the club’s name will also be changed to TSV Egger Glas Hartberg with immediate effect.

“We are pleased to have found a long-term, very loyal and reliable partner at Egger Glas for the role of lead sponsor. So we continue to rely on regionalism and continue to expand our excellent collaboration. Such sponsorship in these challenging times is of course not a natural occurrence,” said Chairman Eric Korherer, Stressing the importance of the deal.

Korherr continues: “Egger Glas represents quality at a high level in the region and beyond. Thanks to the very good communications of Board Member Johann Grimsel, we are in constant contact with Egger Glas. Many thanks to those responsible around the owner Josef Ertel and Managing Director Philip Schuler. We look forward to a collaboration Successful and intense!”

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