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The makers of Chat GPT now want to compete with Google

The makers of Chat GPT now want to compete with Google

According to informed sources, OpenAI wants to compete with Google in Internet searches. The ChatGPT developer plans to unveil an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered product on Monday, multiple people familiar with the matter said Thursday (local time). This threatens to lose the Alphabet subsidiary billions in online advertising revenue.

Other media outlets have already published reports about the plans, but without specifying a date for the official presentation of the new search engine. OpenAI declined to comment on the matter. This announcement comes one day before the start of the Google Developers Conference, where the company is expected to introduce new artificial intelligence functions.

Expansion of the main product ChatGPT

According to media reports, OpenAI's new search engine is an extension of its main product ChatGPT and aims to enable the chatbot to include current information from the Internet in its answers and cite sources. Google's “Gemini” AI already uses the Internet, but has repeatedly made headlines in recent months with incorrect answers.

Other providers also want to simplify Internet searches with the help of artificial intelligence and provide more accurate results. OpenAI partner Microsoft uses ChatGPT technology for its search engine Bing AI. Another Google competitor is startup Perplexity.AI.

The hype has started as of the end of 2022

ChatGPT, Gemini & Co are called Generative AI. It mimics human interaction and can generate text, images, or videos based on just a few keywords. The launch of ChatGPT at the end of 2022 generated a lot of buzz around the technology. Within just a few weeks, more than 100 million people were using OpenAI. No other application grew so quickly until then.

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However, ChatGPT uses a database of its answers whose information can be several years out of date, depending on the version. AI is not yet able to access real-time data from the Internet. The ChatGPT Plugins project aims to update this functionality. However, according to OpenAI, it was discontinued in April.