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Eight seats are no longer in Russian hands: Ukraine reports recapture of Cherson region – Politics

London is seeking more support for Ukraine from Germany and France

The British government hopes that Germany and France will do more to defend Ukraine Must support the struggle against the Russian armed forces. “It is good to see more of France and Germany,” Oliver Dowd, a non-portfolio minister and leader of the Conservative Party, told Sky News Television on Sunday.

As Russian aggression intensifies in the east and south of Ukraine Western nations need to step up pressure on Moscow. “The West needs to respond, and we want to do that,” Dowden said. “We all have a desire to do that, but it’s good to see France and Germany.”

Earlier, former Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon (2014-2017) had to reject requests for military assistance from Ukraine following Russia’s annexation of Crimea in 2014. In an article in the Sunday Times, he explained that he had been asked by the then cabinet under Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron to reject relevant demands for Russia. President Vladimir Putin is not “provoked.”. “The Department of Defense at the time and I wanted to do more,” Fallon told the newspaper. “We were prevented and prevented by the cabinet from sending the necessary weapons to the Ukrainians,” he added. (AFP)

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