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Election campaign in the US: Trump opens his arms

Election campaign in the US: Trump opens his arms

Whe thought, Donald Trump He was disappointed Saturday night to do what his supporters so desperately wanted. Neither the FBI raid on his Florida home nor Joe Biden’s recent front-runner attack has prompted him to be in any doubt about his intentions for 2024. “Maybe I should do it again,” Trump said, using exactly the words he chose so many times over the summer.

Majid Sattar

North American political reporter based in Washington.

It’s more than drama. Even the former president may have gotten the message that Democrats can’t wait: If Trump officially announces his re-election bid before Nov. 8, the congressional elections will become a referendum on him. A risk he obviously doesn’t want to take at the moment. The rally in Wilkes-Barre makes clear: Pennsylvania, the mother of all “swing states,” is the site of a proxy showdown between Biden And Trump. In a speech in Philadelphia, the president recently accused Trump and “Make America Great Again” Republicans of representing “extremism that threatens the foundation of our republic.” Monday, Labor Day in the US, will follow Biden’s next appearance in Pittsburgh, a Democratic stronghold in Philadelphia.

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