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Eight weeks before the Olympics – the United States warns against traveling to Japan

Eight weeks before the start of the Olympics in Tokyo (23/07 – 08/08) the United States has issued a travel alert to Japan due to increased awareness of Govt-19 infections.

However, US Olympic officials are confident that their athletes will be able to compete safely.

Japan’s chief secretary Katsunobu Gado has said the US “no travel” recommendation for Japan will not affect US athletes competing in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics.

Katsunobu Kato, Chef-Cabinet Secretary Japan:

“I think every country should decide for itself whether the Olympic Committee can send its athletes to the Olympics and Paralympics. I am well aware that the US team for the Olympics and Paralympics has announced that it will not affect travel warnings.

Vaccine protection for athletes from the United States

The Pan American Sports Organization (Panam Sports, which represents 41 Olympic teams from North and South America) is concerned about the health of Olympic athletes in Tokyo and encouraged them to travel to Miami for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Olympic athletes from various Latin American countries were vaccinated in Miami this Monday – part of an agreement between Panam Sports, the Embassy of Mexico and the Marzoni Foundation, which is tasked with preventing immigration.

Newen Ilik, President of the Pan American Sports Association:

“… We know that it is difficult to get vaccinated in some countries and we are trying to help. We think they should go to Tokyo with better vaccine protection.”

Govt wave, small vasinate

Japan has already banned most travelers from entering the country.

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For a long time, there were only a few govt cases in the country. However, a new wave of infections is currently pushing the health care system in some cities to its limits.

More than 700,000 infections and 12,000 deaths from the Kovit-19 virus have been reported in Japan.

Tokyo, Osaka and other regions are in a state of emergency until the end of May, and it is expected to be extended.

Many fear that new species will spread because only a small percentage of Japanese – 2 to 4% – are vaccinated.

The military needs help

Japan is considering mobilizing military doctors and nurses from its defense forces at the Tokyo Olympics. Defense Minister Nobu Kishi said the request to his home had come from sports organizers, according to a media report in parliament. The military opened vaccination centers in Tokyo and Osaka this week to expedite the slower vaccination process, two months before the start of Japan’s Olympics.

According to Olympic organizers, these games require 230 doctors and 310 nurses every day. So far, 80 percent of the required medical personnel have been secured.

Japan’s Olympic organizers and the IOC have just begun
The risk-free status of summer sports is reaffirmed. IOC Japan also provided additional medical staff. “It is clear now that these games are safe for everyone involved and, above all, safe for the Japanese people.

IOC Vice President John Coates said.

Like IOC boss Thomas Bach, he pointed out that more than 80 percent of Olympic Village residents are vaccinated during sports. Foreign fans are denied admission. In addition, the number of accredited participants from associations, sponsors and the media will be reduced. There have been increasing calls in Japan recently for summer games to be canceled.

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