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Einride and Ottley are cooperating with the United States

Einride, a Swedish provider specializing in automotive electric vehicles, is expanding its partnership with food company Oatly. Einride has been managing electric trucks for Ottley in Sweden since 2020 and will continue to do so in the United States.

In particular, it will have five network-connected electric trucks, including charging infrastructure and connection services, that will operate next year at its plants in Ogden (Utah) and Millville (New Jersey) for recycling and travel near Oatly. Packaging Partners.

Einride does not specify any truck model – it only refers to five electric trucks. But there was a Swedish startup In February 2022 200 electric trucks were ordered from BYD for use in the United States. A magazine photo published by Oatly shows this precise BYD model.

As BYD noted when ordering, most vehicles are BYD’s 3rd generation extended 8TTs whose cabin was designed by former Audi chief designer Wolfgang Josef Egger. The vehicles are fitted with 563 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries. They are capable of charging up to 185 kW. According to the company, the range of the 8TT is 200 miles on a single charge (about 320 kilometers).

Einright estimates that Ottley’s five electric trucks for the U.S. Navy will need to save 400 tons of CO2 on the same route compared to diesel trucks – 87 percent savings.

Einride is mainly known T-Pat towards the future Known, an autonomous truck. Vehicles such as the BYD truck can be used in the US or the 120 Mercedes eActros ordered in Europe But not yet on the road to autonomy. However, they are managed and operated by Inride software called Saga.,

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