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Involved 273 times in the United States: Despite driving assistance, Teslas causes numerous accidents

Has been involved in the United States 273 times
Despite driver assistance, Teslas causes many accidents

The U.S. Department of Transportation is investigating the number of accidents involving driver-assisted vehicles, particularly which brands are affected. Tesla is clearly ahead in the rankings, but the team also offers more vehicles. CEO Musk has always encouraged the organization.

In the United States, the autopilot-controlled Teslas has been involved in 273 crashes in the last 12 months. According to the US Transportation Agency NHTSA, nearly 70 percent of the 392 accidents involving cars with such a driving assistance system during this period. However, the electric car maker also has the largest number of vehicles in the United States with autopilot.

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The NHTSA report covers accidents involving cars with a Level 2 driving assistance system between July 2021 and May 2022. This means the vehicle can accelerate, brake and operate independently, but the driver must be vigilant. The automatic pilot must be activated within 30 seconds before the crash.

In addition, only accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists or motorcyclists are taken into account, or the vehicle must be towed if there is a fatality or if anyone has to be admitted to the hospital, or if the airbag is operated. Last summer, the NHTSA forced carmakers to report such accidents. Of the 11 manufacturers listed, Honda-branded cars had 90 crashes, the second highest number reported after Tesla.

Accidents involving Teslas with an autopilot have made headlines again and again in the past. Last week, the NHTSA expanded its investigation into the electric car manufacturer’s automated pilot system. Tesla boss Elon Musk argues that driving assistance reduces the risk of accidents.

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