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Eleanor Elliott Thomas: Just dare!

Eleanor Elliott Thomas: Just dare!

What does it take to live a successful life? Family, art, or money? In her novel The Opposite of Success, Eleanor Elliott Thomas explores the potential of her heroes.

Always with a sense of humor and often very cheeky, even cheeky, Lori, “even though” she had a lot on her plate – her mother's original quote – but thanks to her unwavering love for her husband Paul and her two daughters, she made it through life Very positively. Her job running the city isn't too difficult, and she seems secure in her intended position as team leader. He can easily be outdone by the young all-rounder.

On the other hand, her old friend Alex seems great, but is struggling with her failed relationships and her public life as an artist.

Now the two are dealing with each other professionally for the first time, and they encounter their past: in the form of Robin, Laurie's ex-boyfriend. Lori wins a controversial big corporate greening project, which Robin represents as an attorney.

What Lori doesn't know: Robin invites Alex to his house for dinner and falls in love with Robin's wife, Zoe. What Lori also doesn't know is that Alex went to sleep with Robin on the same day Lori and Robin's relationship ended.

Enough material for the conflict that was now beginning to rage.

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