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A cultural feast for the ears – Weissenbach Middle School of Music presents “Aladdin”

A cultural feast for the ears – Weissenbach Middle School of Music presents “Aladdin”

The dedicated school team from Weissenbach Music Middle School is led by director Andrea Sattler and director Andreas Barthel

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aOn Wednesday, June 19, the classic fairy tale “Aladdin” celebrates its premiere in the form of an unusual, fast-paced musical at the Weisenbach Middle School of Music.

100 students perform on the large stage set up in the school's sports hall, and many more work behind the boards, which for some means the world. “The center of the stage is a huge cave entrance, designed in the shape of a monster's head,” explains crafts teacher Andreas Ascher, who spent months building this monster in his class with the students. Naturally, everything is sung live during the performances, accompanied by a ten-piece live orchestra and the school's famous award-winning choir.

“The children have been preparing for the performances with their teachers all year and are of course excited to be able to show what they have rehearsed in three performances!”, explains proud director Andrea Sattler.

While the children do their best while playing and singing, the dedicated team of teachers work behind the scenes as costume designers, makeup artists, conductors, musicians, technicians, prop makers or directors. “Without proper teamwork among all participants, such a production, which I am really looking forward to, would of course not be conceivable,” adds school mayor Johan Middel (ÖVP). This is sure to make school especially fun for everyone!