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Election campaign in Türkiye: Voters injured when the opposition emerges

Election campaign in Türkiye: Voters injured when the opposition emerges

A week before the elections in Turkey, several people were injured by stones thrown during an opposition politician’s appearance in the east of the country. Mayor of Istanbul Ekrem Imamoglu On Sunday evening, the opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) said a group of people threw stones at him in the afternoon when he was giving a speech from the roof of his campaign bus. At least nine listeners were injured.

Imamoglu said this in a video posted on Twitter. The CHP distributed photos showing people with head injuries.

Imamoglu accused the security forces of not doing anything on purpose. It’s a provocation. He emphasized that the incident had nothing to do with the residents of Erzurum.

Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu And he wrote in the first reaction on Twitter: “Ekrem Imamoglu, who describes the people of Erzurum as provocateurs, is himself a provocateur.”

Imamoglu returned to Istanbul in the evening. There are many followers waiting for him.

Imamoglu is a politician from the largest opposition party, the Republican People’s Party, and supports the presidential candidate Kemal Kilicdaroglu during the election campaign. If the opposition wins, Imamoglu will become vice president.

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Kilicdaroglu condemned the attack on Twitter and called on his followers to remain calm. He accused the government of cooperating with the mafia and militants, saying, “Their aim is to scare people and keep them away from the ballot boxes.”

In the parliamentary and presidential elections on May 14, a volatile race began between incumbent President Erdogan and his rival Kilicdaroglu.

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