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Ukraine denies the possibility of a major Russian military attack

Ukraine denies the possibility of a major Russian military attack

According to Ukrainian estimates, the Russian army is currently not in a position to conduct major offensive operations. “Today, Russia does not have the capacity, militarily, economically or politically, to launch another attempt to launch a serious attack anywhere in Ukraine,” said the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence, Kirillo Budanov, in an interview published on Yahoo News yesterday.

However, Russia is still strong enough to organize the defense of the occupied territories.

“This is the problem we are facing now,” he said, referring to the upcoming Ukrainian counterattack. He reiterated Kiev’s goal of regaining Crimea, which Russia has annexed since 2014, “because our victory is not possible without the liberation of Crimea.”

“Inventory is down to almost zero”

Budanov also mentioned that Russian missile stockpiles are running out. He said that Moscow had stockpiled some missiles to respond to the Ukrainian attack, “but the truth is that it has reduced its stockpiles to almost zero.” The data cannot be independently verified.

According to the editors, the now-published interview took place on April 24. Since then, there have been several Russian missile attacks on Ukrainian cities – though not to the same extent as in the fall and winter, when Moscow tried to cripple the neighboring country’s power grid.

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