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Elections in Bulgaria do not show the government majority

Elections in Bulgaria do not show the government majority

The third option is already

About 6.7 million Bulgarians were invited to elect 240 new parliamentarians. However, the main question in this election remains unanswered on Election Day evening after the third ballot of the year: Will the new Parliament be able to agree on a majority capable of ruling? This attempt failed after the regular elections on 4 April as well as after the early parliamentary elections on 11 July. Since then, Bulgaria has been led by a transitional government.

The GERB program remains in political isolation. Its reputation has deteriorated over the past two years due to allegations of corruption and abuse of power. This makes it possible to form a government only with the participation of parties from the anti-Islah camp and the Rising who are ideologically incompatible with each other. A new political glimmer of hope presents itself as a compromise-bearer – the ideologically undefined PP, founded and led by political newcomers Kirill Petko and Asen Wasilo. The socialists, the conservative coalition “Democratic Bulgaria” and the populists of ITN are also candidates for the government majority.

The key question for the government’s majority depends largely on voter turnout, which, according to Gallup International, is much lower than expected at 36 percent. Experience has shown that low turnout enhances core voters for major parties.

Run-off elections for the head of state

But the presidential elections, which took place at the same time as the parliamentary elections, did not lead to a higher turnout. According to the first opinion polls, Radio Current received 49.1 percent of the votes cast. Due to the low turnout of less than 50 percent, Bulgaria will vote on November 21 in the run-off of the elections for the head of state over the next five years. Radio rival Gerdsheko reached 26.5 percent on Sunday.

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