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Schultz: Putin underestimated the unity of the West

Schultz: Putin underestimated the unity of the West

According to statements by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz (Social Democratic Party), Russian President Vladimir Putin underestimated the unity of the West in supporting Ukraine. “He misjudged the unity of Europe, the United States and all of Ukraine’s friends, as well as the constant supply of weapons that we provide to Ukraine,” Schultz said in an interview with the American station CNN broadcast today.

This is how the Ukrainians were able to defend their country. “And they will also be able to do that in the future,” Schultz said, stressing that there will be more arms shipments.

Germany ‘strongest supporter’

“We are now and will remain the strongest supporter of Ukraine in continental Europe,” Scholz said. “And this is also because of the weapons, which we are coordinating with the United States and other friends.” Last year, Germany spent 14 billion euros in one way or another to support Ukraine.

Schultz confirmed that Germany had become independent of supplies of gas, coal and oil from Russia. However, Germany has now increased its imports of liquefied natural gas (LNG) from western parts of Europe, built new plants in northern Germany and extended the life of nuclear power plants.

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