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Electrical engineering is here to stay

Electrical engineering is here to stay

172 online courses, 2,500 specialist topics, 190 educational videos, 135,000 certificates of completion and 350,000 YouTube views speak for themselves – professional training in e-construction is very modern. The numbers prove just how right you are with e-Construction Apprenticeships for construction apprentices. The Learning Portal captures young people wherever they spend their free time.

In 2018, Norbert Hartl, president of the state union, was appointed vice-president of the federal union. Platform development. Before the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020, the platform for which Harald Kubitschek, Managing Director and Head of BAUAkademie BWZ OÖ is responsible as implementer and developer of e-construction theory, was operated online. Experts Thomas Briggle from the Vocational School of Vienna and Günter Frenschlag from the Vocational School of Fristadt were there from the beginning. It turns out that e-construction apprenticeships were not only well received during the pandemic, but also afterward. This was the result of an online survey in which the ease of use of the tool was evaluated just like the educational videos.

easy to use

E-Build Theory impresses with its ease of use via smartphone, tablet or PC. Trainees can thus prepare themselves for the lessons and training arena, deepen what they have learned and improve their learning progress. Training companies, vocational schools and construction academies themselves also benefit, as they can use various online courses, educational videos and knowledge tests as preparation or in face-to-face lessons as part of the apprentice's experiential training. From specialized calculation to architectural drawings, building physics or technology to civil engineering basics can be prepared in advance. That is why the portal has already been widely integrated into vocational schools in Vienna, Freistadt and the Bau-HTLs.

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More training is necessary

“Training offerings are constantly expanding, and the success speaks for itself,” explain Hartel and Kubicek. “Knowledge transfer is essential. This is also demonstrated by the additional training offerings at the Knowledge Center – from teaching construction to master’s degree courses MBA in Construction Economics, MSc BIM (Building Information Modeling) or the new Bachelor’s degree in Construction Operations Management .