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Electrician for five generations –

Electrician for five generations –

“Because we are all electricians and I am interested in this profession, I started an apprenticeship,” says Karl Mayrhofer F., who at 15 is the youngest member of the family business in Oberfaltersdorf. His father, Karl Mayrhofer IV, is the managing director and his mother, Claudia, is the marketing director. Sister Selena works as a dispatcher in the office, and Grandma Martina sells light bulbs in the store.

From street lighting…

Grandfather Karl Mayrhofer III. Helps wherever it is needed. He is particularly interested in the company's history: “100 years ago, society wanted street lights, so my grandfather, Karl Mayrhofer I, started his own business.”

In the early years, homes in Oberfaltersdorf were connected to the electricity grid. In an invoice from 1931, you can find out the value of a shilling at that time: repairing street lighting after storm damage cost 22 shillings and 90 groschen, including taxes.

Old electricity bill


At that time, the cost of repairing a street light was Sh22.90

…about the first home appliances…

In the 1960s and 1970s, the home appliance business became more important: “Thanks to the Semperit factory, people were earning good money at that time and were able to buy something,” recalls the senior partner. “We sold the first televisions, washing machines and electric stoves at that time.

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Each generation brought new ideas. “You always think that working in a family business is particularly stressful because there is no distance between your private life and your work,” says Claudia Mayrhofer, “but the opposite is true: you support each other and know who you work for. Distances are shorter and decisions can be made more quickly.”

…to photovoltaic cells

However, it may not always be easy to convince the previous generation of new ideas: “When I became interested in solar energy in 2007, everyone said you don't need it,” says Karl Mayrhofer IV. Because this is now the most important part of our work.”

“People in focus”: a family of electricians

The three Karl Mayrhofer and 40 other employees now install more than 1,000 photovoltaic systems every year. However, store sales of light bulbs, irons and radios have declined dramatically and it is now almost just a hobby. “But we still do it because there are older customers who appreciate personal advice,” says Martina Mayrhofer, who likes to stand in the store that has the same door sign for 100 years: “Electro Karl Mayrhofer.”

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