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5 apps that tell you the real ingredients in food

5 apps that tell you the real ingredients in food

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Anyone who goes shopping these days usually buys a pig in a poke. Thousands of items They are presented to us, all promising the best or hiding their dirty secrets well.

about the topic ingredients, Compatibility And often too the creator We are often left in the dark. But we can save ourselves a lot of time searching thanks to product scanner apps. A barcode is usually enough to find out more.

We offer you this Applications before:

  • Brand Detective: iOS and Android
  • toxfox: iOS and Android
  • Code check: iOS and Android
  • Open Food Facts: iOS and Android
  • Barco: iOS and Android

Brand Investigator

With Brand Detective, we learn above all else the creator Learn what's behind the brands. Anyone who shops at discount stores or likes to do one thing or another Product without name One often wonders about the product behind it.

Brand Detective brings us an extensive database that takes a look behind the scenes Private labels Allow. Although the app focuses on German supermarkets, it still provides more than enough information for Austria as well. In addition to manually browsing the database, the application also provides text search and a barcode scanner.

If the product is known, the application will immediately show the actual manufacturer or another For branded goods Out of place. Information about the manufacturer, ingredients Beside Nutri points We can also find it here. If you want to access the entire catalog, you have to pay for it. From €1.99 per month as a subscription, or more recently, €24.99 as a lifetime purchase is required here.

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Brand Detective is free to internal control Department And Android available. A subscription is required to fully use the app.


ToxFox app allows a different look at the products in our daily life. As the name suggests, the app takes a look at questionable content in products like makeup, clothes, Game, electronics And also grocery shop.

The very clear application allows us to browse as well as directly Search and scan products. For example, by scanning the barcode of a toothpaste, we learned that it contains titanium oxide, which is classified as questionable and not particularly suitable for use in the mouth.

Meanwhile, we can write through categories such as cosmetics and see which products are taken into consideration substitute become suspicious. ToxFox explains where the information comes from and allows us to do this with a button “Protest against the manufacturer” To send. The German Federation for the Environment and Nature Conservation is behind the completely free app.

ToxFox is free internal control Department And Android available.

Code verification

One of the oldest and most comprehensive product checking tools for smartphones and tablets is CodeCheck. The app was released in 2010, and is still in use today Continuously evolving It supports us in daily life with a huge database of products. If you want to start using CodeCheck, all you have to do is Barcode Wipe the product with it. The app spits out all the information available at any given time.

Among these ingredients And their reviews Climate degree Beside Possible alternatives. User comments can also be left and read, although some of them are completely useless. The database can also be searched manually. Here we can browse categories such as cosmetics, household products or baby and children's products.

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In the product overview we always see the relationship between worrying And Harmless ingredients. If we are more interested in a material, we can access additional information by clicking on it. While the app can also be used for free, unlimited scans and ingredient information require a subscription starting at €1.99 per month.

CodeCheck is free for internal control Department And Android available. A subscription is required to fully use the app.

Open Food Facts

The non-profit project Open Food Facts is dedicated entirely to food through the app of the same name. The completely free app focuses on health And Environmental sustainability He supports us in choosing our products.

To retrieve the information, we just have to use the barcode scanner built into the dashboard. Based on the scan, the application outputs the product in question with all the available information. These include, for example, Nutri points, Nutrient contents And Nutritional informationThe ingredients used and any Extras.

If known, the app also shows us whether the product is vegetarian, vegetarian Or for example Palm oil free he. The environmental score also shows us the environmental impact of the product. Here, for example, the packaging is analyzed and the origin of the ingredients is assessed.

In addition to the scanner, we can also use the search. While they also find what they are looking for in most cases, they sometimes end up in a mess with products in different languages.

Open Food Facts is free internal control Department And Android available.


The app is also completely free BarcoWhich combines several functions in one application. Barco He describes himself as Barcode and QR scannersbut ever delivers after, What we scan, a lot Information. Here too, the focus is on the scanner, and when we want to start, the application first asks us about our location.

Firstly After approval, we can then scan the product and receive an information page containing all available information. Barco It offers us here, among other things Nutritional values And ingredients, if available. We can also view reviews from other users here and leave them ourselves.

Depending on product offerings Barco Moreover cheap Offers in the region The results here also depend greatly on the product. The topic of sustainability is also discussed here taken into consideration. Depending on the product, there are unique products Categories Or more information about the product category and its sustainability. As a nice added bonus Barco also Brochures from SupermarketsHardware stores and other shops are ready for us.

Barco is free for internal control Department And Android available.