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Electronic car batteries reuse project «

Electronic car batteries reuse project «

There is a project in Styria. It is about electric cars (electronic cars). Electric vehicle batteries must be reused. 6 Styrian companies joined in for this.

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Battery storage © Saubermacher

Electric vehicle batteries are difficult to recycle or dispose of. It is solidly built. You must also comply with the legal requirements of the European Union (EU).

That’s why 6 companies in Styria joined for a project. AVL List, AVL DiTest, Energie Steiermark, Grazer Energie-Agentur, Sauber-Macher and Smart-Power have been working on this project for 4 years. They want to reuse electric car batteries.

Batteries are running low

Electric car batteries eventually lose their power. This means that they can no longer load the same amount of power as they initially did. When they can only perform at 80 percent, the batteries are replaced in electric cars.

For the project, these old batteries are assembled and assembled into a large battery unit. This is a great memory. This should enable the energy to be stored and released again in a targeted manner in the form of electricity. This would help cover the increasing demand for energy and reduce the burden on the environment.

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