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Eleglide launches a new “Coozy” e-scooter.

PARIS, Oct. 1 /PRNewswire/ Eleglide, the innovative manufacturer of scooters and electric scooters, presents a new scooter – relaxing. The name Coozy is a combination of the English terms “cool” and “warm”: the user looks great while riding and the scooter feels comfortable at the same time.

relaxing The Coozy, with its simple look, is designed for commuters. The darkened body with hidden stand features an integrated instrument panel and headlight. For a very simple look, most wires run inside. Coozy’s simple yet cool look pairs well with smart work attire.

With a 350W motor, Cozy reaches a maximum power of 540W and a top speed of 25km/h. The 450Wh battery allows for a range of 50-55 kilometers on a full charge, which is longer than most other scooters.

To ensure a high level of safety, the Coozy is equipped with a dual brake system consisting of E-ABS and rear disc brakes, allowing for safer stopping. To better protect the battery, the battery case is made of shockproof, puncture-resistant and water-resistant aluminum alloy. In addition, Coozy accompanies users day and night with four bright lights: a headlight, a rear brake light and two steering lights. The Coozy has additional safety details including a fixed non-slip mat, 2 non-slip handles, 3 reflectors, a double lock folding mechanism, etc.

To ensure a comfortable ride, the Coozy features smooth-rolling 10-inch pneumatic tires, and front suspension shock impulses For absorption, as well as a footrest with a width of 19 cm that allows the user to stand firmly.

The highlight of Coozy is the intelligent control. On the built-in LED display, the user can read various information such as speed mode, battery level and activate various functions, for example b. Switching speed modes, activating the push mode, etc. In addition, Coozy can also be controlled via the Green Drive app, which supports iOS 12.0+ and Android 4.3+. Thanks to the smart application, other functions such as changing the speed unit and setting the zero starting position can be used.

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Celebrating the new release on Geekbuying To celebrate the launch of Coozy, from August 23-30, there is a special offer at only €549.99 on the official Eleglide website and global e-commerce platform geekbuying. Eleglide offers a 1-year warranty and 14-day hassle-free returns for all Coozy users who order from

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