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Ellen Pompeo wants to give up her acting career

Ellen Pompeo wants to give up her acting career

Fans of Ellen Pompeo may soon have to put up with not seeing the 51-year-old in acting roles in the future. As Pompeo reveals, she can imagine giving up her acting career after “Grey’s Anatomy” ended. In the Ladies first with Laura Brown– In the podcast, actress Meredith Gray said, “I’m not really looking forward to continuing my acting career.”

Ellen Pompeo: Is it over after ‘Grey’s Anatomy’?

Your turn in “Grey’s Anatomy” may be your last. Even if she doesn’t want to completely turn her back on Hollywood. “I’m not saying I won’t act again,” Pompeo said. Acting just won’t appeal to her anymore. “Even though I haven’t played a million different roles, I feel like I’m done with it,” she admitted.

“Sitting in caravans and traveling and filming in Atlanta and Vancouver” – that sounds like an effort. “I have no desire to sit in a trailer at 11 at night and wait for scenes to be shot.” In the group, she will be told when to have lunch. The actress now appears to be looking pretty old because of all of this. “This is for the young at heart. This is for the young,” she says of her lifestyle as a serial actress.

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